Lumding Egg Rate: Today Egg Price in Lumding

Check out the today egg rate in Lumding with our daily report of the past 10 days egg price data. Stay updated on the Lumding egg rate today by visiting regularly.

Today Lumding Egg Rate

19th July₹455₹136.5₹4.55
18th July₹455₹136.5₹4.55
17th July₹460₹138₹4.6
16th July₹483₹144.9₹4.83
15th July₹483₹144.9₹4.83
14th July₹480₹144₹4.8
13th July₹475₹142.5₹4.75
12th July₹470₹141₹4.7
11th July₹495₹148.5₹4.95

Average Egg Rate on Lumding Market


Wholesale Egg Price in Lumding (Last 5 Day)


Egg Rate Today Lumding

As of 20th July 2024, the egg rate in Lumding, India has been reported to be ₹5.66 per piece and ₹566 per 100 pieces. Additionally, the wholesale egg rate in Lumding has been recorded as ₹169.8 per tray and ₹1189 per peti. These price data providing an overview of the current market rates for eggs in Lumding.

Today egg rate in Lumding

However, it’s important to note that these prices may vary depending on the location, such as egg markets, retail shops, or supermarkets. By staying informed about the daily Lumding egg rates, both consumers and producers can make informed decisions, and our website, makes it easy for everyone to access this price information.

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What is the price of Lumding Egg today?

Egg price in Lumding today is ₹5.66 per piece or ₹566 per 100 pieces.

What is the current wholesale Egg price in Lumding?

The wholesale egg price in Lumding is ₹1189 per peti.

What is the rate of 1 tray egg in Lumding?

The rate of 1 tray egg in Lumding is ₹169.8.

What is the rate of 30 eggs in Lumding?

The rate of 30 eggs in Lumding is ₹169.8.

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